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Bara, Jason Edward; Rupar, Paul Anthony

Methods for converting pvc to elastomers Miscellaneous

2023, (US Patent App. 18/196,776).

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Bara, Jason Edward; O'harra, Kathryn Elizabeth

Methods for synthesizing vinylidenes and alkenes Miscellaneous

2023, (US Patent 11,572,355).

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Vostrikov, Sergey V; Konnova, Maria E; Turovtsev, Vladimir V; Müller, Karsten; Bara, Jason E; Verevkin, Sergey P

Thermodynamics of Hydrogen Storage: Equilibrium Study of Liquid Organic Hydrogen Carrier System 1-Methylindole/octahydro-1-methylindole Journal Article

In: AppliedChem, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 45–63, 2023.

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Bara, Jason E; Finotello, Alexia; Magee, Joseph W; Noble, Richard D

Electrolytic conductivity measurements for ten ionic liquids Journal Article

In: Journal of Ionic Liquids, vol. 3, no. 1, pp. 100050, 2023.

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Chatterjee, Sourav; Qian, Shuai; Soyemi, Ademola; Szilvási, Tibor; Bara, Jason E

Synthesis and Properties of 2-Halo-1, 3-diether-propanes: Diversifying the Range of Functionality in Glycerol-Derived Compounds Journal Article

In: Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, vol. 62, no. 6, pp. 2959–2967, 2023.

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Bara, Jason; Turner, C Heath

Final Technical Report for DE-SC0018181 Technical Report

Univ. of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL (United States) 2023.

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Woods, Cameron; Taylor, Seth; Coughlon, Jeremiah; Perdue, Turner; Chatterjee, Sourav; Bara, Jason E

Synthesis and Properties of Bio-based 3D Printable Resins Journal Article

In: 2023.

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Taylor, Seth; Woods, Cameron; Purdue, Turner; Chatterjee, Sourav; Bara, Jason E; Johnson, Daniel R; Seifert, Soenke

Dual Anion-Cation Ionic Liquid Crystal for Battery Applications Journal Article

In: 2023.

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Coughlon, Jeremiah; Taylor, Seth; Bara, Jason; Miller, Kevin; Chatterjee, Sourav

Synthesis and Characterization of Semi-Interpenetrating and Double Networks of Sulfonimide-and Imidazolium-Containing Poly (ionic liquids) Journal Article

In: 2023.

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Perdue, Pierson; Alshaikh, Ali; Baltier, Creighton; Bara, Jason E; Chatterjee, Sourav

Swelling Studies of Poly (Ionic Liquids) in Different Solvents and Salt Solutions Journal Article

In: 2023.

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Ryoo, Donghyun; Eor, Philip; Bara, Jason E; Anderson, Jared L

Comparison of olefin/paraffin separation by ionic liquid and polymeric ionic liquid stationary phases containing silver (I) ion using one-dimensional and multidimensional gas chromatography Journal Article

In: Journal of Chromatography A, vol. 1698, pp. 463996, 2023.

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Stigliano, Pierre L; Ortiz-Vitoriano, Nagore; Medinilla, Lidia; Bara, Jason E; Amo, Juan Miguel López Del; Lezama, Luis; Forsyth, Maria; Mecerreyes, David; Pozo-Gonzalo, Cristina

Bio-based ether solvent and ionic liquid electrolyte for sustainable sodium–air batteries Journal Article

In: Faraday Discussions, 2023.

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Walter, Eric D; Zhang, Difan; Chen, Ying; Han, Kee Sung; Bazak, J David; Burton, Sarah; O'Harra, Kathryn; Hoyt, David W; Bara, Jason E; Malhotra, Deepika; others,

Enhancing CO2 Transport Across a PEEK-Ionene Membrane and Water-Lean Solvent Interface Journal Article

In: ChemSusChem, pp. e202300157, 2023.

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Pasichnyk, Mariia; Stanovsky, Petr; Polezhaev, Petr; Zach, Boleslav; Šyc, Michal; Bobák, Marek; Jansen, Johannes C; Přibyl, Michal; Bara, Jason E; Friess, Karel; others,

Membrane technology for challenging separations: Removal of CO2, SO2 and NOX from flue and waste gases Journal Article

In: Separation and Purification Technology, pp. 124436, 2023.

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Olowookere, Feranmi V; Alshaikh, Ali Al; Bara, Jason E; Turner, C Heath

Effects of chain length on the structure and dynamics of polyvinyl chloride during atomistic molecular dynamics simulations Journal Article

In: Molecular Simulation, vol. 49, no. 15, pp. 1401–1412, 2023.

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Ravula, Sudhir; Wise, Kevin W; Shinde, Pravin S; Bara, Jason E

Design and Performance of Di-and Tricationic Poly (ionic liquid)+ Ionic Liquid Composite Membranes for CO2 Separation Journal Article

In: Macromolecules, vol. 56, no. 15, pp. 6126–6141, 2023.

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Dennis, Grayson P; O'Harra, Kathryn E; Liu, Xiaoyang; Jackson, Enrique M; Turner, C Heath; Bara, Jason E

Experimental and computational studies on the effects of C (2) methylation on the properties and gas separation performance of polyimide-ionene membranes Journal Article

In: RSC Applied Polymers, vol. 1, no. 1, pp. 111–122, 2023.

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Alshaikh, Ali; Bara, Jason

Upcycling of Waste Poly (vinyl chloride)(PVC) through Depolymerization Under Mild Conditions Proceedings Article

In: 2023 AIChE Annual Meeting, AIChE 2023.

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Olowookere, Feranmi; Turner, C Heath; Bara, Jason; Alshaikh, Ali

Decoding Polymer Behavior: The Power of Molecular Modeling Proceedings Article

In: 2023 AIChE Annual Meeting, AIChE 2023.

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Bara, Jason; Qian, Shuai; Ward, Lauren; Barbosa, Gabriel D; Turner, Heath; Weinman, Steven

Molecular Design of New Solvents with Glycerol Scaffolds: Opportunities for Enhancing Performance in Liquid-Liquid Extractions Proceedings Article

In: 2023 AIChE Annual Meeting, AIChE 2023.

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