ChemE Mobile Apps!

Prof. Bara is leading the way in developing mobile applications for Engineering:

Chemical Engineering App Suite HD for iPhone & iPad

Chemical Engineering App Suite for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch has been developed by Prof. Bara’s Group as a powerful set of tools for both students and professionals.  This one-of-a-kind app features a deep set of equations, data and spreadsheets used by chemical engineers, chemists and other engineers and integrates them with unprecedented functionality.  The app is regularly updated with major content and functionality expansions.

Highlights of the app include:

  • Thermophysical property data for 1000 common industrial, laboratory and biologically relevant chemicals
  • Unit converters for temperature, pressure, length, area, time, and many more
  • Calculation of vapor pressures with the Antoine Equation with coefficients for nearly 900 compounds
  • Periodic table of the elements
  • Solver for the ideal gas equation and other equations of state
  • Steam Tables
  •  …with many more on the way!